Easy & Convenient Management
Improve Business Efficiency

Integrate data from various departments. Do more in less time.

Why Does Your Company Need ERP?

ERP is a system that can manage all departments of the company (such as accounting and finance, sales and customer relations, Human resources, procurement and supply chain). Nowadays, all industries rely on artificial intelligence and innovative technology to make the company’s business processes smoother and more automated, in order to remain competitive.

ERP Provides Values To Your Business.

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Businesses that implement ERP projects
consider them a success
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Top 500 companies in the world use ERP
to make decisions and manage daily operations
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The value of global ERP
market size in 2019

Minimize Duplication & Operational Costs

Get Reports To Help Develop Strategies

Automate Processes & Improve Efficiency

Manage Business Anytime & Anywhere

Synchronize Data & Reduce Error

Facilitate Collaboration

Enicorn -
Odoo Official Partner

There are more than 300 different functions in Odoo. You can select the required functions according to your business needs and manage everything on cloud-based platform in one stop. You can save much time and focus on expanding your business.


million users
grow their business with Odoo

Products & Services.

Accounting and Financial Management

Real-time update: Get all datas at a glance.

Reduce duplication & administrative work,
Automatic integration of data

Sales & CRM

More Sales, Less Trouble

Sell more with less effort
Track potential customers & get accurate forecasts
Seize every sales opportunity

Inventory Management

Accurate Inventory

Automatically update inventory conditions in real time,
Reduce oversold and out of stock situations,
Increase customer satisfaction

Human Resource Management

Manage all employees in one system

All-in-one: Recruitments, Appraisal,
Expenses, Leaves, Attendances… 


And more…

Which Odoo Functions Should Your Company Need?

Let Us Answer!

Service Flow.

1. Consultation

Enicorn ERP consultants will get in touch with you to understand your business nature and operational / management needs

2. Evaluation

Find out the company’s operational problems and difficulties. Arrange site visits when necessary

3. Planning

Recommend suitable ERP functions and system(s) for customers and design the most suitable operation process

4. Implementation

Implement ERP system functions. Perform tests and provide clear methods in system operation.

5. Feedback

Provide feasible suggestions on system functions and ERP operation for your future development.

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