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Mobile apps bring value to your customers and
make your ideas come TRUE.

Why do you need to create Apps?

Just a few clicks on apps, we can quickly access all services that we can imagine. 

With mobile apps, you don’t need to open the browser and enter the URL again. Together with the fast loading speed and portable size of mobile devices, mobile applications can bring great comfort and convenience.

When your customers are impressed by apps, you can retain your customers. A  high-quality App can even significantly enhance service quality and brand value, turning customers to loyal ones. Apps mean a lot in developing your business in the long run.

Apps Are Part Of Our Daily Lives.

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Hongkongers (16-64 yr) own smartphone(s)
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Mobile connections in Hong Kong
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Mobile Apps downloaded throughout 2020 in Hong Kong
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Total consumer spend on mobile apps in Hong Kong

Real Data Reveals The Indispensability Of Apps

What are you waiting for?

You Can Use Apps To Create...


With a simple and clear interface in apps, your customers can easily search products, make in-app payment, track orders and view order records - online shopping will become a really convenient experience.

Member System

Get to know your customers’ preferences and behavior. Cultivate customer loyalty by membership in Apps. Deliver customized messages and exclusive offers DIRECTLY.

Online Appointment System

Suitable for beauty, fitness & sports, interest courses or other service industries. Your customers can check the schedule, make appointments and pay in Apps. Manual and administrative work can be minimized.

Matching Platform

Users can match with each other to access/provide different services, both sides can easily achieve their goals or needs. Example functions in matching platform apps include decoration services, job-seeking, transaction of second-hand items, friend-making, tutoring, and property trading.

Information Center

Mobile apps can make life easy. Your customers can easily check traffic conditions, weather, product information, etc.. Technology can even facilitate real-time status checking, which greatly reduce time wasted in waiting/searching information, and eventually increase customer satisfaction.

Explore The Infinite Possibilities Of Apps!

Apps can bring you more than these:

Push Notifications

GPS Positioning

Customer Feedback



Built-in Map

Instant messaging

Social Media Connection


External Sharing


Shopping Cart

Image/Video Editor


Touch ID / Face ID

Mobile Payment

Website Development Tools.

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP).

Get Your Funding. Take Your Step.

Development Process.

Build Your Dream App

1. Project Analysis

Our project manager will listen to your thoughts, understand your business objectives, propose the most suitable solution within budget and make a quotation.

2. Planning and Scheduling

Conduct market research to understand and study related industries, Apps, target customers, etc., to formulate plans. Collect required information and pictures from customers, and set project timeline.

Wireframe Design

Our UX Designer will draft the function and layout of all pages to display the linkage between different pages and hence, all basic functional requirements are met.

Mockup Design

Our UI Designer will use Illustrator, Photoshop, XD and other graphic softwares to design all layouts. You can preview the final visual appearance of the app.

5. Prototype

According to the previous requirements and designs, our front-end/back-end engineers and IOS/Android engineers will complete the prototype development within the scheduled time. Internal tests will be conducted to ensure the smooth operation of the application.

6. UAT - User Acceptance Test

All app designs and functions are ready. You can test the app according to our guideline. Our IT engineers will make adjustments and fix the bugs.

7. App Launching

Product launch on the app store platforms, such as iOS Apps Store and Google Play Store. Set up an official server.

8. After-sales Service

We will provide continuous technical support and maintenance services to maintain optimal app performance. We will hand over all project information, such as complete source code and backend account.

Why Enicorn ?

Maximize Your App Value Is Key To Success

Our Projects

Twinkle Tourist Bus -
Vehicle Information System

After connecting to the GPS system. Residents can find out bus locations and estimated arrival times in real time. All bus routes and timetables can also be viewed. Traveling thereafter becomes a pleasant experience.

Dream Big Limited -
Gigxy App

The company established an app to allow service matching between service seekers and providers.The app allows image upload as attachment and connection to other payment processors to facilitate smooth transactions.

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society -
Photo & Video Editing App

This App is so easy to use that most people can easily edit images to photo albums and short videos. App users can learn from the life experience of the elderly and their own, and reflect on the meaning of life.

Live Technology. Make Lives Easy.

Have any app ideas?
We are always ready to provide. customized app functions.

Contact Enicorn. We will provide professional analysis and advice.


    Enicorn provide consulting, customer service and technical support services in Hong Kong. Our IT technical team includes research and development personnel, information security consultants, network engineers, programmers and technical support consultants, etc.. We are confident to provide you with comprehensive local support.

    To successfully launch the apps, you must fill in the company website during the approval process on the app store platforms. You can create a simple, free company website to complete the approval process. However, these websites can hardly attract customers and obtain high rankings on search engines, which is not good for long-term business development. Moreover, the cost of app development is much higher than that of websites. For companies of any size, It is more cost-effective to establish a professional company website first. Of course, if you have sufficient budgets, you can create your app and website at the same time.

    For newly established companies, we recommend building a website first to attract customers. When your business has developed for some time, you can create apps to provide high-quality customer service, promotional activities, and so on.

    How can websites lead to success? You can view it here or consult our business consultants.

    It depends on the complexity, function, and number of pages. For most of the time, we complete the entire app development in about half a year.

    Certainly! We will provide the complete source code after completing the project and payment. You will fully own your app.

    After App Development, You Should…

    Unleash Full Potential of App
    Enicorn helps you achieve more.

    Web Design & Development

    Improve Website Design

    Product Design

    Design That Expand Business

    Sales & CRM System

    Manage, Forecast & Analyze Sales

    Marketing Plan

    Promote App Online/Offline